Programs and Services

Guangzhou Indoor Ski School is an exclusive snowsports school in Sunac Snow Park, Huadu, Guangzhou, providing multi-language speaking ski and snowboard lessons for visitors who cannot speak Chinese.

We could teach in English, French, Dutch, Cantonese and Mandarin. All our instructors are internationally certified and with great experience. (Canadian or New Zealand ski/ snowboard instructor.)

Ski/ Snowboard Lessons Info:

1 Student 3 Hours: 2100 RMB (Weekday), 2300 RMB (Weekend, Holiday, Peak Season)

2 Students 3 Hours (Price per group): 2300 RMB (Weekday), 2500 RMB (Weekend, Holiday, Peak Season)

3 Students 4 Hours (Price per group): 2600 RMB (Weekday), 2800 RMB (Weekend, Holiday, Peak Season)

4 Students 4 Hours (Price per group): 3000 RMB (Weekday), 3200 RMB (Weekend, Holiday, Peak Season)

5 Students 4 Hours (Price per group): 3400 RMB (Weekday), 3600 RMB (Weekend, Holiday, Peak Season)

6 Students 4 Hours (Price per group): 3800 RMB (Weekday), 4000 RMB (Weekend, Holiday, Peak Season)

What’s Included:

  • Protection gears (knee pads, wrist guard, pad shorts)

What’s NOT Included:

  • Entrance ticket
  • Winter wear and Gears


  • For kids or younger students we may require assistance from the parents
  • Lessons start while instructors meet their students

Here’s what you can expect about our English speaking lessons:

  • Help you to book your ticket
  • Arrange transportation and accommodation for you if needed
  • Meet you up at the entrance of the snow park
  • Go into the ski resort with you, help you to get your locker, winter wear, gears and everything
  • For sure, teach you how to ski and snowboard or help you to improve your skill
  • Help you to order food and drinks during break time or lunch
  • Return everything for you after we finish our lessons
  • Take you to where you want to go after lessons (for example, super market, restaurants.

Other Services

Other than snowsports lessons, we also pair up with local travel agency to provide ticket purchase, hotel booking, transportation so to make your journey easier.

Below are the major services we offer:

  • Snow Park, Water Park and Theme Park entrance ticket purchase
  • Pick up and drop off services from Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou city, airport or other Guangdong area
  • Accommodation booking
  • Sight seeing arrangement
  • English-Chinese translation

Snow Park Ticket Ordering:

Peak Season Price (1 July – 31 August, All weekends, China Holidays)

  • Beginner Slope 3 HRS – RMB 338
  • All Slope 4 HRS – RMB 398
  • All Slope Unlimited Time – RMB 458

Regular Season Price (Monday – Friday except Specific Mentioned Peak Season Days)

  • Beginner Slope 3 HRS – RMB 268
  • All Slope 4 HRS – RMB 308
  • All Slope Unlimited – RMB 358
  • All Slope 4 HRS (Bring your own gears and winter wear) – RMB 258
  • All Slope 4 Unlimited Time (Bring your own gears and winter wear) – RMB 298


  • Winter wear and Gears are included in the ticket price
  • Please try to book early for weekend
  • Order is confirmed once you receive the Text Message with the Withdrawal Code

Pick Up and Drop Off Services from Shenzhen to the Snow World

Price per Trip: RMB 900

Accommodation Booking

Cozy, Clean Hotels in Block 7 Commercial Building (2 minutes to the resort)

Peak Season Price (1 July to 30 August)

Mon – Thur Price:

  • Double Room: RMB 308
  • Twin Room: RMB 318
  • Family Room: RMB 358

Fri – Sun Price:

  • Double Room: RMB 348
  • Twin Room: RMB 325
  • Family Room: RMB 388



If you can’t find the service you need, please don’t worry, just 

  • send us a email at or
  • simply give us a call/ whats app msg at + 852 9449 9919.
  • add us on wechat! (sometimes we can’t read whats app msg in China)